I cannot say enough wonderful things about Imagely!

A colleague of mine recommended Imagely, so I decided to check them out. Right away I was drawn to the simplicity of having everything in one place, their amazing, secure servers, and the beautiful ready to customize themes. After doing some research on the competitors, I decided Imagely was the way to go for my business. I honestly couldn't ask for anything better, and I am truly so grateful that I found Imagely!


What I look for in any company I use to support my business? Innovation. Easy communication. Willing to take risks. A fun contemporary attitude. Imagely has these in spades! Imagely has the future in their sights and yet does not forget about who they are serving!

NextGEN does perfectly...

NextGEN does perfectly what so many other photo gallery plugins try to do but always fall short. It delivers a very robust system for the management, categorization and display of your photos

Couldn't be happier!

When it comes to online digital solutions for photographers, few that really have all the right tools under one roof. Imagely offers website hosting, sleek & customization WordPress themes and plugins that are literally built from the ground up by photographers…for photographers. I use their products and services throughout my website and couldn't be happier!

Popular for a reason

NextGEN Gallery is so popular for a reason. It’s so easy to use and has loads of different functions that make your life easier. I love that you can upload a zip file containing your images, I love the integration with the uploader, I love how easy it is to insert galleries…. Great stuff!

Perfect combination for photographers

Imagely has created the perfect combination for photographers: a gorgeous, customizable turnkey template that is simple for non-coders to set up and manage AND immediately offers the entire WordPress advantage - not to mention dependable hosting, too! It's a fantastic combination and a huge time saver for photographers looking to create striking-looking websites that also support smart business growth right out of the gate.

Sleek designs

Thanks to the ease of Imagely’s templates and support I was a week ahead of my launch schedule—that’s unheard of! Every little question I had was answered quickly, and the sleek designs are amazingly easy to customize. My goal was to integrate text and images for a strong brand message and Imagely delivered. Thank you!

A hosting company that was there FOR ME

Within hours I had a link to test out my site on their servers, to make sure everything came over nicely (it did) and was scheduled for final transfer.  Finally, a hosting company that was there FOR ME!  I felt like I had my own team, that I was in the best hands, and that my company meant something to them.

100% focused on showcasing your work

When you're in a visual niche such as photography, the theme of your website should be 100% focused on showcasing your work, not any bells and whistles. The products (both the themes and the plugins) from Imagely are minimal in nature, but do an excellent job of making content such as photos front and center, so you can really impress with your portfolio. Totally recommended.
David Attard
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